Arabian Travel Agency
Arabian Travel Agency

Corporate Travel

We have developed reliable and trusted relationships with our corporate clients by providing them tailored programs, keeping in mind that every client is unique with diverse needs.

Furthermore, we have invested in the development of our own travel and reservation system enabling us to manage corporate's travel needs through simple and user friendly technology, so they can easily book travel themselves too.

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Key Services.

  • A dedicated consultant for each client.
  • Technology Solutions.
  • Account Management: Assess and analyze your travel behavior, measure your performance and highlight potential savings. With these reports we update your travel policy according to your needs.
  • Partnership Plan: Set a Service Level Agreement and develop a travel policy to be in line with your travel program strategies.
  • Event Management of corporate meetings, conferences and events (hotel, tickets, tours and all logistics).
  • Airfares: Assist you in achieving cost efficiency with airfares by negotiating the best deals with airlines.

You can reach us on +971 65047333 for more quiries